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A Step by Step Guide to Maximizing the Benefits of the Lemonade Diet.
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Millions of people have experienced the many health benefits that result from the Master Cleanse.
From detoxing, losing weight, increasing energy and improving skin and hair to alleviating
allergies, flushing the colon and ridding the body of parasites. Beyond the Master Cleanse shows
how to maintain and extend those health gains for months or even years.
The program in Beyond the Master Cleanse is equal parts prevention and treatment. The author
offers a wide array of tips and techniques for keeping out toxins, including specific changes to
diet, environment and lifestyle. He also provides a daily therapy plan that utilizes the Lemonade
Diet to flush toxins already in the body before an unhealthy buildup develops. Together these
programs offer a holistic approach for long term health that provides all the benefits of the Master
Cleanse while reducing the frequency with which one must do a complete cleanse.
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