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Biofilm Cleanse

Biofilm is everywhere, especially in the intestinal tract, and continues to attach and protect itself as it multiplies and creates more biofilm. In one study, medical researchers found that bacteria hidden underneath biofilms were up to 1,000x’s more likely to survive even the most potent antibiotics. And biofilm is also the #1 reason why we are suddenly seeing a huge rise in the drug-resistant bacteria showing up in the world – not to mention the overuse of antibiotics.

Currently there is compelling evidence that over 80% of individuals dealing with a chronic condition are actually experiencing some form of microbial or yeast overgrowth as the underlying cause.

Biofilm can cause or lead to:

• Bone loss • Alzheimer’s Disease • Chronic ear or sinus infections, UTI’s, • Kidney Disease • Lyme Disease • Oral/Dental: cavities, gingivitis, periodontitis, tooth decay • Respiratory issues: Asthma, Bronchitis, sinus infections • Sex Organs: Vaginosis and Prostatitis • Chronic infections • Systemic candida overgrowth • Parasites • Heartburn or GERD • Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia • IBS, ulcerative colitis, SIBO and Crohn’s Disease • Bloating, gas, brain fog, arthritis, stomach cramping, acne, and skin conditions • Cause of antibiotic resistance • Many Auto Immune Diseases • Connected with Heavy Metal issues (Copper imbalance, mercury etc.)

How does Biofilm undermine our health?

• Prevent absorption of nutrients through the intestinal wall • Protect disease causing microorganisms from your immune system • Protect disease causing microorganisms from antibiotics and antifungals • Promote inflammation • Foster toxins like heavy metals

This plaque really creates a “bomb shelter” for yeast, parasites, and bacteria that find protection in the biofilm matrix, which can help these micro-organisms survive some of the strongest natural and chemical medications. As a result of this resistance, over time it can create conditions like:

Unhealthy biofilm can create a lifetime sentence of disease and aging as it allows infections to persist, and allows other co-infections to take place, which can lead to chronic degenerative diseases.


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